What is Audrey?

Living Like a Rock Star.

Dire Straits may have a compelling argument but I think what I most like about the rock star lifestyle is lack of worry about the small stuff. Watching any train wreck reality television program will generally show the “rock star/celebrity” type, fretting around an activity like which burnt out 80’s hair band should they have perform at their child’s birthday party. There is no regard in their lives of how to book the hair band, how to get actually get the guests to the birthday party, or even if the small pocket sized poodle is getting feed on a daily basis. The reason for this Ne pas transpirer les petites choses attitude; personal assistants.

From what I can see, personal assistants are awesome. As the celebrity, you just frolick through life and someone just takes care of all the details and tells you when you need to be somewhere. I would imagine it is a bit liberating since your mind is freed of the minutia, you are able to enjoy a fantastic night out on the town, take that long weekend, or even think about existential concepts (sounds a little like “Getting Things Done” by David Allen :-). I want that life.

Audrey is my Personal Assistant

So to be clear, Audrey isn’t a person. She is a conglomeration of technologies brought together to be smart and useful. One of the first things she was tasked with was to watch over the house. You know, things like turning on lights when I come home, setting up a “movietime” scene when I am ready to watch a Vin Diesel flick, appropriately setting the thermostats when I am not home, and starting the water feature when I have guests over. But when looking further, I wanted to her to do more menial tasks outside the home like making sure I am paying my credit card bill off, tracking the UPS shipment of my new gizmo, and watching one day deals for things I would be interested in.

But any self respecting portal website like iGoogle or My Yahoo can aggregate a wealth of web information into one screen. What Audrey does better is to provide me the useful information at the right time. For example, since she knows my location anywhere on the planet, she only let’s me know that the conditions are right for a little sun if I am actually at home. Since she has access to my email inbox and social networks, she intercepts most messages about e-bill payments, the latest scoop on a drunken celebrity, or what my friend had for breakfast and shares them when I can actually review them (letting the important ones through immediately of course). And since she has access to my calendar, contacts, and tasks, she can do things like let me know that it has been a long time since I have had lunch with a friend or confirm I am on track for throwing my next party. Of course, she is always evolving, learning from my choices and uses those to know me better.

Like any good personal assistant should.

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