The Digital Life

Technology can sometimes be an intimidating thing. There are some people that are absolutely horrified by technology (we call technophobes) but most of time, it is just hard for people to understand how to use it correctly or to their advantage. But as soon as technology can be seen just as another tool, it can open up the wondrous “Digital Life”.

Since technology is second nature to me, I have been able to make this leap. With this technology and mind set, I am able to do many things that make my life easier and fuller. For example, with imaging (scanning), I am able to keep a searchable copy of every bill, invoice, communication, notice, love letter, fax, résumé, and kudo for the past ten years on a single key chain fob.

In addition to documents, I have access to all of my 15,000 songs (1000 CDs), 2,000 photographs, home videos, over 400 recorded DVDs in Divx and WMV formats and hundreds of hours of recorded television at my fingertips via my media server. This helps keep the clutter of all that media out of the way. And with mobile devices, I can take any of songs, tv shows, documents, and personal information (like calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, etc) with me wherever I go. Or access them remotely from anywhere in the world over the web.

So with all my movies, music, pictures, home videos, and recorded TV on a media server, I can use this in my home theater, on any PC or TV in the house, anywhere on my handheld, and even in on my CarPC

All my bills are filed and paid automatically, lights and fans come on and turn off automatically at the house, and many menial tasks are done for me.

This digital life doesn’t come with its downfalls. Keeping a backup of all this information is a challenge since something as small as a power surge could clean me out. And, I have never known a pencil and paper that needed a reboot. But, taking this step can provide more benefits than liabilities.

I know it sounds a little geeky but, I look at it like the invention of the automatic clothes washer. With this invention, it allowed housewives more leisure time and to pursue other interests. With some of these tasks off my plate, I can do more things I want to do and improve the quality of life. Just remember, technology is a tool and if used correctly, it can be a powerful one.

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