The 2013 Annual Report

The ‘Quantified Self’,  with new technologies and trackers available today, is becoming more and more an important movement of people that want to understand more about themselves. By tracking bits of data about themselves and then analyzing it, they can make change in their lives for the better.  I have been tracking data about myself for almost a decade and recently, began to analyze that data into enlightening and useful information.

In 2013, I gathered 86,417 data points that when correlated, can see trends and patterns in my behavior, my habits, and how they align to my goals.  I track things like what I eat, where I check-in, and the books and movies I enjoy.  I also see trends in the email, texts, and IMs I exchange, Quicken transactions I complete, and the trips I take.  Not to underscore the wealth of data I collect with Fitbit, exercises, and GPS coordinates.

Inspired by Nicholas Felton’s “Annual Reports” ( I started creating annual snapshots of my quantified self three years ago.  The exercise was not only to research and create the report but also to force me to view and analyze the data in new ways, exposing more about myself.  The act of creating the report opened my eyes to new ways or seeing things about myself.


Some things I realized.  In 2013, my income and expenses both increased at the same rate which is better than last year.  I really like eggs, bourbon, sandwiches, and pepperoni pizza (on Sundays), but need to drink more water, and hell of a lot less soda.  I ate and drank out most days of the week with third of them new to me, mostly by myself.

Most of my booze consumption happened on Fridays, but the best walking day was Saturday.  I read about eighteen pages per day, usually science fiction/fantasy novels but enjoyed some thrillers this year.   I watched over 4 movies a week, almost all at home with Gizmo.

I really liked listening to the Black Keys and generally listened to one of their songs every day.  Outside of conference calls, I spent most of my work time conversing with Steve McMaster and my personal time, conversing with Claire.  Almost half of my steps was walking Gizmo and my steps were up to 9,907 per day and generally walk about 4.5 miles a day. I like really liked Seinfeld and quoted the show more than once a week.

Lastly I realized that almost 2/3 of the tasks I complete are day to day bullshit and not focused on things I should be.

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