The 2012 Annual Report

Butt loads of data is collected about you every day; the favorite oatmeal you buy at Safeway, where you get your hair done, what kind of porn you like, etc. This ‘Big Data’ is generally used by evil capitalist marketers to try to sell you more stuff that you probably don’t need, the corrupt government to make sure you aren’t plotting to blow up your local IRS building, or spiteful ex-girlfriends to plot an ultimate humiliating revenge.  Interesting uses for others but not necessarily to me.

I wanted to turn this kind data into real information I could use to see where I have been, what I have been doing, and make changes for the better going forward.  Data I collect on myself like what I eat, where I go, and what I like can help me form a picture of this and I distill this information into a manageable annual snapshot of my life.  This second volume of my annual report has shown me some things about myself, things I am doing pretty well that I should continue and some things that I really need to change.

This year, I have pursued a visual language of information tiles which aligns more closely to my Lifestream and Audrey dashboard.  I don’t know if I will continue down this path but it seemed appropriate.

The 2012 Annual Report

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