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2014 Annual Report

My 2014 Annual Report is published and is available to read.  Remember that is that the reason I publish is not for you to see how many sodas I drink per day but for you get ideas and insights on how you can do similar things to help you reach your goals.  Enjoy.    

Why Annual Reporting

I recently gave a talk at the local Bay Area Quantified Self Meeting which was a great experience with interesting people and awesome presentations.  Transcript I am going to talk about the what I have found is the importance of stepping out of your daily thing and periodically snapshotting your data to help you quantify […]

The 2013 Annual Report

The ‘Quantified Self’,  with new technologies and trackers available today, is becoming more and more an important movement of people that want to understand more about themselves. By tracking bits of data about themselves and then analyzing it, they can make change in their lives for the better.  I have been tracking data about myself […]