Urban art

Time for a Little Sun

One of the advantages of living in the Valley of the Sun, we get over 330 days of sunshine.  I like the sun and try to get a little whenever I can.  It occured to me today that Audrey could notify me when the weather is right for grabbing some quick rays. In about 15 […]

Smart TVs

Google TV came out recently to show that TVs are becoming a media hub in the home…  not just for cable TV but for TV shows on demand from services like Hulu and video sites like YouTube.  Many of the major television manufacturers are building access to these services plus things like Amazon VoD and […]

Smart power management

One of the first things I notice this year is the proliferation of smart power monitoring and management. I think with the “green” movement and consumers wanting and needing to save money in a tight economy, there is a strong market for products to watch power consumption closely.  I just started testing a Current Cost […]

Why Media Center Extenders

I have a love/hate relationship with Windows Media Center.  Microsoft has done a great job in creating a usable and simple system that most people can use but in order for it to be useful, you have to make some sacrifices. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly I love the fact that I can […]

The Digital Life

Technology can sometimes be an intimidating thing. There are some people that are absolutely horrified by technology (we call technophobes) but most of time, it is just hard for people to understand how to use it correctly or to their advantage. But as soon as technology can be seen just as another tool, it can […]

Audrey Takes a Dip

Improving energy efficiency in the ol’ homestead is one reason Audrey exists. Living though summers in the Phoenix area, one thing to be conscious of is the amount of electricity it takes to cool the house. My local power company uses smart meters to help determine electricity usage. That plus a profile on what kind […]