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Getting the Steps

I find that getting the 10,000 steps a day I need is not always easy if I don’t keep up with it during the day.  So I taught Audrey to track my progress during the day and let me know how my steps are comparing to the target.

Fitbit and Audrey

Audrey nags me to exercise

  I love my Fitbit. If you haven’t heard of a Fitbit yet, it may represent one of the coolest trends in the past few years.  It is a small device that you wear on your person and like a pedometer, it tracks your movements, and will record your steps, miles, and calories burned as […]

3D printers

The ability to create custom  products at home is becoming a reality.  With some computer software and a string of plastic, you can create a 3D object in no time. It uses a technique called build up.  The software tells the printer where to put the molten plastic, layer by layer you have your authentic […]

Fitbit, move over.

Motorola is coming out with a device that tracks steps and calories like the Fitbit but adds music to the mix. The little Android device can be worn on the arm or waistband but would prefer the wrist wonder it looks more like a watch.  You can schedule workouts which it will track against on […]

Smart Appliances

LQ will soon be coming out with a line of smart appliances that can almost replace most of what your live in maid does. The SmartThinQ are all connected and come with a smartphone app to manage everything. Scan your grocery receipt and the frig will add the items to your inventory and at dinnertime, […]

Window 8 is like a big phone.

New Windows 8, coming into beta this month, is moving to a more touch friendly UI.  Looks like they see more and more consumers are replacing their laptops and desktops for tablets and they don’t want to loss the boat. The new start feature feels like a big Windows Mobile phone with “apps” you can […]