Confessions of a Geek

Okay I admit it, I’m a geek. I don’t say that in a bad way, I just I like technology. Actually, it’s not that I like technology per se but I’m more interested in what technology can do for me. I find it a beautiful thing that I could be spend a  relaxing week in a place like Cabo knowing my bills will be paid on time, that my dog sitter is actually caring for my pup, I can avoid the embarrassment of asking directions to that great restaurant that was recommended, and can post envious pictures on the fly so my friends can “enjoy” my adventure with me.

Many of my friends say that I use technology in the coolest ways. In my line of work, believe me I see my fair share of geeks excited about how to figure out the square root of a prime number in one and a half lines of assembly code. Fortunate for me and the people around me, that is not my thing. I like to see how that’s cool phone plus a small bit of needed code plus an Internet connection can be an automatic posting machine for my lifestream. Or maybe put technology in place that will automatically get the house ready for bedtime when I start to yawn, let me know if my friends are partying at a nearby club, or get that complementary upgrade on my next flight to Minneapolis without lifting a finger. That is what I find cool about technology.

So, that’s what this blog is all about… how I solve everyday issues of my life without having to hire an irritating full-time assistant. I kind of think of this as my diary to how I live my digital life. I’ll talk about some of my problems (not the therapist kind) and how I am trying to solve them with cool tech and a dream. With a little bit a luck, maybe you can pick up a tip here and there to use in your own gig.

Are you a nerd or just now trying to get those embarrassing party pics off your digital camera? Leave me a comment below and we can chat.

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3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Geek”

  1. Hi Lee. Great site. I’m interested in your experiences with virtualisation. What do you use to access your virtualised desktop, do you still use a PC, but just don’t leave it powered as the VDI is running on a server? I’m also interested in that you mention multi-monitor, can you access a VM and make it multi-monitor?

    1. Hey Jim, I use whatever device I need at the time. I use my Android phone, an Android tablet, or laptop with or with out it being docked (multi-monitors).

      As far as multi monitor, you can choose the option in “Remote Desktop Connection” I think Vista on to use all monitors. Options | Display | Use all my monitors for the remote session. It will span the remote desktop across all that you have. I have the three monitors plus the laptop monitor so it spans four for me.

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