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Virtualize Homeseer

I have been working to totally virtualize my computer technology including my servers and even my media server.  So in reality, I had two systems left to virtualize which was my automation server, Audrey and my desktop workstation.  I am working now to move my desktop into a VDI so my last piece would be Audrey. […]

Better Presence

One of the critical things that Audrey needs to know is if someone is actually in the house, and who.  This will help her make decisions like setting the house in an economy mode or turning on security monitoring. My first choice was motion detectors and although a good choice, had some shortcomings.  If there is a […]

Move to Virtualization

Finally took the leap and decided to virtualize my computer systems.  Some will say “ummm, huh?”.  Well, I am going to help you sound like a smart geek at that next cocktail party. What is Virtualization? Virtualization is a technology that allows your computer to run several different computers inside of it.  If you saw […]

Smart power management

One of the first things I notice this year is the proliferation of smart power monitoring and management. I think with the “green” movement and consumers wanting and needing to save money in a tight economy, there is a strong market for products to watch power consumption closely.  I just started testing a Current Cost […]

Audrey Takes a Dip

Improving energy efficiency in the ol’ homestead is one reason Audrey exists. Living though summers in the Phoenix area, one thing to be conscious of is the amount of electricity it takes to cool the house. My local power company uses smart meters to help determine electricity usage. That plus a profile on what kind […]