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Virtualize Windows Media Center

In my quest to virtualize my computer technology, one problem I wanted to solve was around my media.  I use Windows Media Center extenders to distribute and consume media around the house and needed a PC to be the Media Center server.  With advice from Andrew Grant in his “Virtualizing Media Center on Windows Home Server“, […]

Move to Virtualization

Finally took the leap and decided to virtualize my computer systems.  Some will say “ummm, huh?”.  Well, I am going to help you sound like a smart geek at that next cocktail party. What is Virtualization? Virtualization is a technology that allows your computer to run several different computers inside of it.  If you saw […]

Why Media Center Extenders

I have a love/hate relationship with Windows Media Center.  Microsoft has done a great job in creating a usable and simple system that most people can use but in order for it to be useful, you have to make some sacrifices. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly I love the fact that I can […]

The Digital Life

Technology can sometimes be an intimidating thing. There are some people that are absolutely horrified by technology (we call technophobes) but most of time, it is just hard for people to understand how to use it correctly or to their advantage. But as soon as technology can be seen just as another tool, it can […]

Digital Media Centers

Being a computer geek, it is almost expected that I use computer technology to solve problems.  One of those that seem to be a good fit is media like music, photos, video, movies, and television offered through computer technology.   Since this media can be digital, a computer makes for an excellent conduit. Several years […]