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Getting the Steps

I find that getting the 10,000 steps a day I need is not always easy if I don’t keep up with it during the day.  So I taught Audrey to track my progress during the day and let me know how my steps are comparing to the target.

Audrey nags me to exercise

  I love my Fitbit. If you haven’t heard of a Fitbit yet, it may represent one of the coolest trends in the past few years.  It is a small device that you wear on your person and like a pedometer, it tracks your movements, and will record your steps, miles, and calories burned as […]

Virtualize Homeseer

I have been working to totally virtualize my computer technology including my servers and even my media server.  So in reality, I had two systems left to virtualize which was my automation server, Audrey and my desktop workstation.  I am working now to move my desktop into a VDI so my last piece would be Audrey. […]

Better Presence

One of the critical things that Audrey needs to know is if someone is actually in the house, and who.  This will help her make decisions like setting the house in an economy mode or turning on security monitoring. My first choice was motion detectors and although a good choice, had some shortcomings.  If there is a […]

Taught Audrey to Track Hurricanes

I am heading to the Bahamas but of course, I pick the tail end of hurricane season.  But not to worry, I taught Audrey to track storms and let me know when my cruise is at risk. I found Weather Underground’s RSS feeds for storm tracking and wrote a script that gets all storms in […]

Automating One Day Deals

One days deals from outfits like LivingSocial and Groupon has become a huge hit in the trendy but financial conscious times since you can get steak dinners and full body massages for $8.  I want to take advantage of deals like these IF I would care about them and not be flooded in my inbox.  […]

Time for a Little Sun

One of the advantages of living in the Valley of the Sun, we get over 330 days of sunshine.  I like the sun and try to get a little whenever I can.  It occured to me today that Audrey could notify me when the weather is right for grabbing some quick rays. In about 15 […]