Better Photo Management

I recently wrote a post around how I chose cloud storage for all my important stuff.  Since then, I have decided to so a slightly different path.

I have always wanted an easy method to store the things I care about, share exactly what I want to with who I want for as long as I want, and have access to that stuff wherever I need it.  Of course, when I say stuff, I mean things like Word documents, spreadsheets, music files, pictures, and videos.  Since buying my latest tablet with its miniscule local storage, it has made me think drastically differently about where to keep my stuff.  With prolific network connectivity, cool sharing options, integration with Windows 8, free Office apps, and its inexpensive storage options, I decided to upgrade my Skydrive to 125GB for $50 per year.

Back to photo management though.  I was using a Flickr Pro account for $25 per year but found that it wasn’t meeting all my requirements.  Namely, it was difficult to manage my nearly 10,000 photos and albums, difficult to share with exactly who I wanted, and hard to get photos back off Flickr for archiving.  Moving all my photos to Skydrive allows me to organize photos on Windows just like I always have, grouping photos into folders, adding tags directly to the photos, dragging and dropping wherever I want, and editing on my desktop apps knowing that the Skydrive app will sync them automatically with the cloud.  And the sharing and slideshow feature in Skydrive is just as good if not better than Flickr.

For today, I still post copies to Flickr so that Audrey will record to my Lifestream but those are generally photos I don’t archive.  But this is temporary until I can teach Audrey to get photos from Skydrive.

Incidentally, with my move to Skydrive, I am out annually about the same amount of my as using other services since I use to pay Flickr $25 per year and Amazon $20 for music.  Al that is now in Skydrive for $50 and plenty of space to grow.

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