Automating One Day Deals

One days deals from outfits like LivingSocial and Groupon has become a huge hit in the trendy but financial conscious times since you can get steak dinners and full body massages for $8.  I want to take advantage of deals like these IF I would care about them and not be flooded in my inbox.  In comes my digital life assistant, Audrey.  Today, in about 15 minutes, I taught Audrey how to go out to these sites and snarf the deals of the day and file them away.  Then, go through the deals looking for particular words that I would be interested in…  like “massage” and “restaurant” and display these deals on my dashboard.  If I am not able to review my dashboard by noon (since I am not home for example) she will add the item to my task list to review where ever I am.

Since I just started, it will take some time for me to teach Audrey what kinds of deals I like so it is pretty open right now (“show me everything but…”) but I hope to fine tune the list for her to really know kind of deals are interesting to me.  I am thinking that I will have her track the titles of the deals I click on and then build the common word database from that.

I would also like to have Audrey check LivingSocial Escapes for travel deals but the bone heads don’t make it very easy.  🙁

Details for the Geeks

For the tech on how I did this, here are the ingredients:

Remember, I am not a professional coder by any means so edit for your own purposes and use at your own risk.

‘ check_groupon.txt
‘ Check Groupon RSS feed and populate HS devices
‘ Lee Rogers 3:23 PM 2/1/2011
Sub Main
strRSSUrl = “”
Set xmlDoc = CreateObject(“Microsoft.XMLDOM”)
xmlDoc.async = False
set xmlDocElement = xmlDoc.documentElement
Set xmlTitle = xmlDocElement.getElementsByTagName(“title”)
Set xmlLink = xmlDocElement.getElementsByTagName(“link”)

mSubject = xmlTitle.item(1).Text
mlink = xmlLink.item(1).Text

hs.writelog “Deals”, mSubject
hs.SetDeviceString “x50″, “” & mSubject & ““, True

End Sub

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